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Poetry Collection by Julio Figueroa

Updated: Mar 10

“roads of the twenties”

Artwork by Jess Van Baalen


1 - life_lately.jpeg

Eyes hurt.

From looking at tiny blinking lights.

Sometimes they are the first thing I see when I wake up,

and the last thing I see before falling asleep.

Sometimes they are colourful, sometimes they make me laugh.

I get to see pictures on them, many many pictures.

But lately, that’s the only thing I see.

I get to know the world through images.

But that is the only way I do.

And image after image

I navigate through the tubes.

Sometimes they are intriguing, sometimes they make my cry.

With more frequency I realise where do my memories come from,

they are of course from some images I see online.

Comfortable inside my echo chamber,

at home in my algorithmic neighbourhood,

where everything I see,

agrees with me.

Sometimes they inspire me, sometimes they make me lie.

I never imagined this is how it was gonna be,

but also I cannot imagine

how the fuck can we break free.

I once met a muleteer,

she was giving me a ride.

And I’ll never forget what she asked me;

“Will you still be doing this,

till the day you die?”

Sometimes they control me, sometimes they drive me mad.

Sometimes they hurt me, sometimes they bring out

the worst part about me.


2 - Against the wind

Like an itch so itchy

that you ended up harming yourself with all the scratching.

Like a buzzing in the right ear,

a dissonant piano played by the biased randomness of the news.

Like a fight for independence from a drunken pilot,

a pilot who already threw away the steering wheel

so it doesn’t matter what you do

the plane is crashing.

Like a word you are sure you know,

but cannot seem to remember

and is escaping fast from your mind

and now is making you anxious

and you are now ruining Christmas at the in-laws

because no one likes you when your anxiety kicks in...

Like being very hungry

and all you have is mouldy bread

and is past 11pm

and you go to sleep with a headache

and your friend text you saying you are a bad friend.

Like losing touch with your family as a result of a relationship

that didn’t even worked out.

Like being afraid of intimacy

because you know what lies within it

so you tell yourself is better to be alone

until its not

and you have no other choice but to be alone.

Like knowing someone that doesn’t want to be this world any longer,

and it doesn’t matter what anybody says or does,

their mind has already made the choice.

Like seeing our home be destroyed before our eyes

and you check your bank account and is nothing but red numbers

and there’s more diseases

and there are more femicides

and there are less answers

to more difficult questions.

Like when the military industrial complex gets richer

and the only way they can do that is by instigating war.

Like when there are many angry posts online

and while the internet is real

it can easily disappear.

But reality cannot disappear

reality is being re-lived everyday,

it is that sudden knot in your stomach,

that you cannot make go away.

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