Join Our Team

Applications for the 2020-21 team have now closed, however we will be recruiting for the 2021-22 team in the new year.


The Channel is always looking for creative and driven people to join the team and be part of an engaging and forward thinking creative and critical writing magazine on a voluntary basis.


Please see below for the available posts followed by how to apply. We are looking to collate progressive and fresh creative and critical work that will challenge and inspire our community. The team is diverse with varying experience and interests. This is a safe and collaborative space to discuss the works that we publish and our diversity strengthens the quality of our work. If you are worried you may not be the right fit or are not qualified enough you are all the more encouraged to get involved and apply! 

Open to applications on a rolling basis.

Available Roles

These roles are made to assure that team members focus on their preferred form. This means that while each team member will have a designated area of responsibility, we will work as a team and you will have opportunities to discuss and deliberate your thoughts with others. You will not find yourself solely responsible for your own role and will always have support from the team. There will also be opportunities to contribute to other activities such as communications, engagement and events if you wish. The estimated time commitment is an average of 6 hours a month from October to May.

General Editor

The General Editor will contribute to ensuring the overall unity of each edition. General Editors will also help with the management of the team – organising meetings, representing The Channel at the Media Committee, and planning the work schedule.

Social Media Manager

This position involves managing the online presence of The Channel, including the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform we appear on.

Fundraising Officer

This position involves planning and organising fundraising activities for The Channel. You will work with the team and the Student Union.

Events Manager

This position involves planning and organising events including workshops, debates or launch parties for The Channel.

To apply submit a CV and cover letter. The CV should detail your relevant experience such as educational achievements, subjects  studied and any relevant extracurricular or work experience and personal interests. The cover letter should have a maximum of 100 words introducing yourself briefly and explaining why you would like to get involved and a maximum 200 words on a piece of writing, art or design that you love and why you consider it beautiful and/or convincing. Send your application in as one Word document to with your name and the role you are applying for in the subject line.

Essays and Blog Editor

This position involves reading, selecting and editing essay submissions for the magazine as well as reading regularly submitted blogs and selecting those for continuous publication on the website blog section.

Short Story and Poetry Editor

This position involves reading all poetry and prose submissions, triaging according to our criteria, selecting pieces with a co-editor, editing pieces and agreeing upon edits with writers.

Arts Editor and Designer

The Designer and Arts Editor will inform the development of the visual identity of the magazine, including the layout and structure of the online and print edition edition. This position will also involve leading the selection of submitted visual content.

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager will ensure that we build relationships and promote our opportunities far and wide. This includes managing our calls for submissions and new recruits, as well as promoting the magazine online.