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About Us

The Channel is a progressive arts, creative and critical writing magazine and blog by and for the Sussex community. Anyone connected to Sussex – whether a student, a staff member, a visitor, a family member, an alumni or a staff member of a third party organisation that works on campus – can submit visual or written content. This includes short stories, poetry, political essays, graphic novels/comics, photography, doodles, paintings, drawings and anything in between.

Meet the Team

At The Channel, our team of design and editorial professionals work behind the scenes to ensure that our readers have the best possible experience interacting with our magazine. Our talented writers and editors have their hands on the media pulse, and are here to bring you in-depth insight on a wide range of topics. Get to know us below!

Fiona Green

Chief Co-Editor (Prose, Events, Admin, Finance)

Fiona is a 3rd year Psychology student. This is her second year running The Channel! She has previous experience of graphic design, creative writing, theatrical performance, large scale event management and hospitality!. Over the summer she completed a JRA Research Project investigating the psychological experiences of Live-Events under the supervision of Prof. John Drury. In her personal life, she is focused on intersectional climate action and at The Channel, is focused on creating space for voices to shout. 

Aanchal Chawla

Chief Co-Editor (Arts, Well-being)

Aanchal is a 3rd year filmmaking student. She absolutely loves being introduced to new perspectives on any form of art. She passionately believes that visual mediums hold much power and are our best shot at inciting change. She is excited to get to know artists who share this belief and to work with them. 

Amy Crabb

Arts Curator

Amy is a 3rd year undergraduate studying Media and Communications. She has a passion for graphic design, painting and creative writing, as well as reading. She is really excited to work with The Channel as she gets to work with new people and look at everyone’s amazing submissions.

Nya Furber

Blog Manager

Nya is an English undergraduate finalist who has been to a year abroad at Amsterdam, Netherlands. As an English student she is obsessed with all things books and writing, and has a collection of books bigger than her student room can manage. She has had her non-fiction writing published in a few independent publications, including The Channel, and write sporadically on her personal blog. She also has a penchant for horror movies, being by the sea and taking selfies in 0.5 mode.

Sophie Young

Editorial Assistant

Sophie is currently a 2nd year English student with a love for all forms of storytelling, especially music, literature, photography, as well as poetry. She is also passionate about music photography, photojournalism, and taking pictures of her friends, in which she has been using her Nikon D3200 for nearly ten years now!

Chae hemmings

Editorial Assistant

Chae is currently a third year Psychology student from London with a deep desire for creative arts, specifically collaging and fashion photography. She hopes to test her creative abilities while at The Channel!

Tillie Lam

Editorial Assistant

Tillie is a 3rd year student from Hong Kong, studying English Literature with Japanese. Before coming to Sussex she had spent 7 months in Taiwan, and has a fair share of interest in illustration, photography, as well as history, social and culture documentation.

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