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are now open

Blog submissions are open 24/7!
Deadline for submissions for the 7th Issue: January 2025!

What to send us?

Short fiction, poetry, abstractions, photographs, designs, comic strips/excerpts from a graphic novel, paintings, scripts, sketches, essays, excerpts from a novel or longer short fiction piece, diary entries, blogs. Surprise us.

Who can submit?

Anyone connected to Sussex – whether a student, a staff member, a visitor, a family member living in university accommodation, an alumni, or a staff member of a third party organisation that works on campus – can submit.

How to submit?

  1. Before you submit your work, READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, further please read the general and specific criteria below to make sure your work follows all the guidelines.

  2. Send your submission by email to: If you want to submit only for the printed edition but have missed the submission window, please send your work in once printed edition submissions open again.

  3. Title your email subject line: ‘Category_Surname_Name of Work’ e.g. ‘Essay_Coates_The Case for Reparations’

  4. Send writing as a word document attachment in an email and any visual work as any standard picture file attachment (jpeg, png, etc…). Title the attachments as the name of your piece.

  5. In the body of your email include:

  • the title and category of your piece

  • your contact details (name and 2 preferred forms of contact)

  • a short bio of no more than 50 words. Your bio can say anything you like!

  • how you found out about The Channel

  • your preference on publication: is it for our yearly printed issue or immediate online publication?

General Criteria

There are no limitations regarding themes or style of submissions. We want to hear your opinions and feelings surrounding topics that are personally relevant to you. If you need inspiration please see the non-exhaustive list of thematic suggestions below.

Number of Submissions

You may make one submission for up to two categories at a time. Send a separate email for each category.

Language barriers & skills

We understand that for people who have learned English as a second language or who haven’t had a chance to practice their writing in a long time, submitting writing may be scary. If you are nervous about submitting your writing for this reason please let us know in the email. This way, if we like your piece we can work with you through the editing process if needed.

Explicit content

If your work, in any form, includes content of an explicit, graphic or traumatic nature please include a warning in the subject line and body of your email. For example if you have written a story about a murder add ‘_Warning_Murder’ or ‘_Warning_Graphic Violence’.

Perfect Shot
  • Joy

  • Cultural exchange

  • Creative and innovative ways of communicating

  • Climate change and our relationship with the environment

  • Social transformation, alternative realities and pluriversality

  • Grief

  • Living in a “post-truth society”

  • Critical discussion of development challenges across local to global levels

  • ​Our relationships with technology

  • New ways of being as individuals and communities

  • Critical approaches on gender, ethnicity and identity

  • Family

  • Life as a minority

  • Challenging dominant models of societal organisation

  • Non-conformist critiques of the education system

  • Rebellion

  • Fear

This list is not exhaustive and submissions with these themes are not more likely to be accepted. Our priority is thoughtful work in line with the ethos of the magazine detailed in the ‘About’ section. This is a general list of some of the many interests of our editors:


Specific Criteria

Please see specific criteria below.
Please note that if your submission exceeds any defined limit by more than 10%
your work will not be accepted by the editorial team.

Christmas Cards
Visual Content

No more than 20 images per submission.

Visual Content

Three A4 pages max. No minimum.

Comic/Graphic Stories
Comic/Graphic Stories

One long poem or

a collection of poems.

Short stories or any creative prose

1000 words (loose). No minimum. If you have a longer piece that could be broken into two or more parts, send us the first self-contained piece with 2000 words or under and mention in the email that there is a potential for an expansion with this piece. For excerpts of longer pieces, please include a 50 word synopsis of the longer piece.

Green Typewriter

2000 words max. Write in any style – don’t feel you have to stick to a traditional academic voice. However, sources are required for facts and statements for verification even if they are not included in the published version.


2000 words max. Blogs can be less involved than an essay and more personal.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting to The Channel, you agree to the following:

  • The Channel has permission to publish your work.

  • You will retain the copyright of your work.

  • You warrant that you are the owner of the copyright of the work and that it does not libel any other party.

  • The editorial team can edit your work/combine it with other pieces (such as collaging). 

  • You agree for your work to be used in/on social media's and advertisement (with credit) by The Channel. 

Looking for more opportunities?
Check out here.

Our local opportunities blog page is always being updated with our mini-projects, community and other local arts cultural activities you can get involved in!

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