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Grieving Someone Who Lives

Updated: Mar 10

Words by Bella Rosanes

Cover Image by Megan Carter

In the bar where we used to sit

Laughing until we lose our wits

Now I wilt alone

Grieving the loss of a beloved foe.

I'm not one to hate or berate

But as you swore to never betray

You left me shackled to this bench

Swore it was never a date.

The friend of a friend asked

"Are you on the mend?"

Honest to God, I nodded my head

Despising hypocrites, guess that explains why

The mirror's in shards soon as I looked at myself.

In the bar where we used to sit

The staff all changed, the decor don't fit

I'm still shackled upon that bench

Waiting for you, lift the wrench

They get old, as I stay cold

They move on, I'll stay alone

You'll fall in love, just not with me

In another life, maybe it was meant to be

But I rage each time I say your name

"She's gone mad" as they say.

Something died when we met

Your charm is the knife on my back

Your smile's the noose around my neck

Your stare is the fire that burned

Your touch is the ocean that drowned.

With every stranger, every heart that I touch

They fall to their knees begging for my love

In your crime, you left me with no choice

I'll grieve for you at every date, every drink

Every bar and every place

You'll be fine unaware of the girl that weeps on a bench

Grieving the loss of someone who lives.

Bella is a singer songwriter who enjoys the dreamy yet gut-wrenching complexities of love. Because of that, she mainly writes about romance, heartbreak, and grief. She is18 years old studying a Foundation Year in Psychology. A Filipino who's lived in England for five years. 

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