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A Poetry Collection by ru c.w

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

thrash my bonnet

round little throat bow

perhaps bite the hand;

waxes on the car

fuck her there too.

cheap pearls who drop

from the mouth of decapitated

tiger ; run its shades down my smile

smile now don’t let sweat sea run —

she’d snatch across your face

bite the plastic on your throat

feed it to oversized mangled cat in cage

open cage / mouth pour blood, poor you


more and more each day i stare at my shoes and wonder why they do not fit

they never well the water come down it

please move your baggage to the side

i cannot side your mustly

ceiling stared * thoughts snared

i never thought kind of me/you

i cannot side your muzzle

i cannot hold your mouth shout while you scream

lick the pus wound on my calf

my black and white thinking

Cover Photograph by Tillie Lam

Instagram: @ru.poems

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