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The Shadows Light

Updated: Mar 10

Poem by Mayukh Moloy Saha

This poem epitomizes the humanitarian abstract beauty of education, which enlightens the hyper sense of creations as well as lights of education, which educate the earth with much spirited values and culture. Sometimes, we all feel as well as undergo depression, but the way I overcome by depression is through poetry signature - Mayukh

Cover Image by Skyla Hillan-Schunemann


On the sea edge front, musketeers rose to the ums and downs of love. To see as well as observe, the light tulls on the froms

Figures rose the shutt. You are great. My beloved light of mulls.

From where did you arrive on the road?

Feel the earthern soil. Spirits towards the follows of blessings

The tiny spear. The losh unto kempt on the buttlers. My chiras haves unto seelus.

When unto dilutes and milutes, escalates the creativity into the blessed writings of paradise books and novels

Founders too ticks the sandals as well as santers

Always be adored the notion unto the chives of creativity, help the poor and needy

Education on the levers and hinters, to the soil the motels and keep the secrets

Muddles and Tuddles, observes the newer tiny picks

Prits, unto the sooths. Soothers, give blessings

Blessings to unfold the dignities and foreover, you are the choulsers.

Chunts and Frooms, You are my signature

Toons of alexander, Frees and Dress the soiters

Cried the ush and ashers of to chumm

But you the brands of learning

A toam of learning

A pad of writing

A simblers to hold and bless the nature

Education, you are the modified unto shine to overcome fear ebbisses hundreds and hundreds of lovers.

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