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CINECITY: Sick of Myself – Kristoffer Borgli

Updated: Mar 10

By Chae Hemmings

A sadly hilarious movie about a couple who eagerly try to one-up each other in desperate attempts to retain their own spotlight.

For me, this movie translated so well as a representation of today’s society where everyone is so eager to fight for their spot at the top. It was hilarious to watch such an extreme version of this and almost make mockery of people today who try too hard to gain popularity, attention, and validation. Signe was the main character who did the absolute most to out-shine her boyfriend and gain pity from others. She faked a life-threatening peanut allergy, antagonised a dog to bite her, and most bizarrely, caused a horrible skin disease through illegal drugs. But I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her – why did she feel the need to lie and physically harm herself for people to care about her? Why did she crave an absurd amount of attention? Was it because she felt unloved and unwanted? I enjoyed her character the most, ironically, and I loved how her narcissism, lies and delusions got her nowhere – she ended up severely ill, with no friends and single.

The key themes worked so well together – narcissism, competition, desperation – in a brutally funny way. I think it’s relevant and relatable in ways a lot of people wouldn’t like to admit. Very satire.

Stills from the film 'Sick of Myself' courtesy of CINECITY

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