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CINECITY: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed 2022, Laura Poitras with Nan Goulding

Updated: Mar 10

By Fiona Green

Simply a cinematic, storytelling masterpiece.

The documentary weaves through the tremendous story of Nan Goldin, an American photographer and activist born in September 1953. Focus shifted, showcasing her lifetime of fights for the freedom, dismantling power and sexual liberation. This marvel builds center stage, a tribute to Nan’s most recent battle with her activist group “PAIN” (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now); getting those responsible for beyond comprehensible tragedies concerning opioids, addiction and death, held accountable.

This crafted documentary is a homage to love, survival and thwarting this world's evil.

Poitras and Goulding explicitly communicate to its audience that they themselves can reach to the top and make change. Furthermore, that we should; and we should do it bringing All the Beauty and Bloodshed we’ve experienced along.

Still from the film All the Beauty and the Bloodshed courtesy of CINECITY

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