About Us

The Channel is a progressive arts, creative and critical writing magazine by and for the Sussex community. Anyone connected to Sussex – whether a student, a staff member, a visitor, a family member, an alumni or a staff member of a third party organisation that works on campus – can submit visual or written content. This includes short stories, poetry, political essays, graphic novels/comics, photography, doodles, paintings, drawings and anything in between.

Meet the Team

At The Channel, our team of design and editorial professionals work behind the scenes to ensure that our readers have the best possible experience interacting with our magazine. Our talented writers and editors have their hands on the media pulse, and are here to bring you in-depth insight on a wide range of topics. Get to know a few of them below.


Louis Pilard

Louis is a PhD alumni at the schools of English and Global Studies, where he did an interdisciplinary thesis on the topic of gender, racial identity and migration. He found the magazine in 2018.

General Editor and SU Representative

Anna Kiff

Anna is a final year Marketing and Management with Psychology student. She has keen interests in social justice and climate change, and writing for The Channel last year helped plant the seed of interest for her undergraduate dissertation.

General Editor

Sara Sohail

Sara is a Psychology with Clinical Approaches student from Pakistan. She has an avid interest in community wellbeing and normalising conversations around mental health.

Essays and Blog Editor 

Aayushi Trivedi

Aayushi is a final year English with Education Studies student. During her undergraduate degree, she has developed particular interests in contemporary literature, widening participation and decolonising the curriculum.

Essays and Blog Editor 

Mina Chan

Mina is an exchange student from Hong Kong studying Global Media and Communication. Her course has sparked a fascination in issues surrounding social and digital media.

Essays and Blog Editor 

Tobi Morgan

Tobi is a first year student studying International Development and Japanese. She enjoys literature, creative writing and playing the violin, as well as reading about politics and culture.

Fiona Green

Short Story and Poetry Editor

Fiona is an undergraduate Psychology and Business Management student. With an extensive past in the arts; she has studied and worked within large scale arts events management, youth theatre, film and creative writing. Passionate about the environment and intersectionality, she hopes to continue her growth (alongside her many plants) through her time with The Channel and Sussex.

Abbie Hodges

Short Story and Poetry Editor

Abbie is in her third year of studying English Literature. She is particularly interested in postwar and contemporary literature, feminist studies and experimental theatre.

Caitiln Epstein

Arts Editor

Caitlin is a masters student in Media Practice for Development and Social Change from the United States. A painter and photographer, she is passionate about arts for social change, travel, and fantasy novels.

Ella Furnell

Arts Editor

Ella is a Philosophy and English student. She is a photographer with interest in climate change, social change, travel and gothic literature.

Nia Martinez-Rangel

Social Media Manager and SU Representative

Nia is a Marketing and Management with Cultural Studies student from Spain. She previously studied music and theatre and is interested in community development and social change, as well as all kinds of art.

Tillie Lam

Communications Manager

Tillie is an English Literature with Japanese student from Hong Kong. Before coming to Sussex she spent 7 months in Taiwan, and has a fair share of interest in history, social and culture documentation, and visual arts.



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