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Open Mic Night @ Presuming Ed

Updated: Mar 10

On Wednesday 19th October, The Channel hosted an Open Mic Night in Presuming Ed’s Coffee House. The event was a huge success, and the team welcomed a number of acts from the local area who performed a variety of sets from spoken word poems, to songs on the ukulele.

Our lovely Editorial Assistant & Communications Manager, Tillie, was on hand throughout the night taking photographs of all the wonderful performers- our favourites of which can be found below.

The editorial team at The Channel would like to reiterate our thanks to Presuming Ed for their hospitality, and also to all the performers for trusting us with your art and entertaining us throughout the evening.

List of performers:

DJ Joe

Tom Gregory- Spoken Word

One Inky Queer (Reanna & Esme)- Queer Poetry & Harp

Niamh, Luke & Sam (sh!t idk)- Three songs

Moss- Songs (Guitar)

Mitchell- Poetry

Milo- Songs

Matthew- Rap

Jaz- Poems

Jake- Songs

Izzy- Cover of Ugly Story by Phemiec

Georgia- Songs (Guitar)

Courtney-Ann Dennis- Songs

Beth Stevens- Poem

Ant Lewis- Songs (Acoustic Guitar)

Alice- Songs (Ukulele)

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