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Updated: Mar 10

Throughout November, The Channel Hosted a month of daily prompts to help inspire Sussex Uni and the wider Sussex Community to get creative!

The outline of the campaign was as follows:


NOVEZINE - Hosted by The Channel, Created by You. 

Novozine is here to motivate you with a month of inspired prompts to spark your creative wicks. Here at The Channel, we want you to amplify your voices through any creative medium; poetry, journaling, drawing, painting, photography, physical movement or anything else. Think INK-TOBER but for all artistic mediums, and in November! Join us for a new prompt everyday to encourage you to practice your medium and ‘Channel’ your feelings into something awe-inspiring (do you get the name now?).

When posting your daily responses, use the #NOVOZINE and tag @thechannel_sus so we can see your creation and share it to our audiences! You can spend one minute or ten minutes or one hour on your response! Your interpretation of these prompts if YOURS. That's what makes it so exciting. 

If you do get involved, even just for one day, your artistic interpretation may be chosen to be featured in the officially published NOVOZINE! Of which will be available online mid December.

The Channel are super excited for this new adventure and we’re really looking forward to sharing with you our art alongside seeing yours, so dig into yourself this November and light your inner fire.


So... What Happened?

Over the month we had many contributions towards the NOVEZINE campaign! We were so overwhelmed by the positive response we got. Below are our favourites we've picked out to be highlighted from the campaign...

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